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An Abundance of Katherines by John Green cover

An Abundance of Katherines

Have you ever thought you’d only date girls who share a name? Perhaps it was a passing thought, but for Colin, it is a reality. For the past 10-15 years of his life, he’s only been interested in Katherines. Not Catherines, Katys, Kats, Cates or Kate. Now, after having been dumped by his 19th Katherine, … Continue reading

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins cover


With District 13 now at the forefront of a full-scale rebellion in Panem, President Snow and the Capitol are retalliating. Katniss is at the forefront- her face the catalyst, her words the motivation people need. But she wants to do more. She wants to fight, to bring down President Snow and end this tyranny forever. … Continue reading

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins cover

Catching Fire

Just when you think you’re safe, the opposite is true. Katniss has been threatened by President Snow that if she cannot prevent the uprisings happening in the districts, her friends and family will pay. But that’s not all. The Capitol is planning a thrilling 75th Hunger Game and to mark the momentous occasion of another … Continue reading

Trapped by Michael Northrop cover


You know things are bad when it starts to snow heavily and doesn’t stop, the power goes out and the heating dies, and the roof groans under the weight of the snow. You know things are even worse when you’re stuck in a high school, nobody knows you’re there, and nobody can save you… The … Continue reading

Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve and Steampunk Event

There are many of you who are perhaps unaware of my addiction to Philip Reeve’s awesome novels, which include the superb Mortal Engines quartet, fantastic Fever Crumb series and the delightful Here Lies Arthur. So when the chance to arose to actually meet and talk (and get my books signed) by Philip, I was uver-thrilled. … Continue reading

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini cover


The time has come for the final battle. The Varden are marching on Uru’baen, the elves are on their way and slowly, Eragon’s power is building. He is no longer the boy he was- he has becoome a master rider. But only the fates will tell who is to win in the epic clash between … Continue reading

weekly book news roundup

News Roundup #9

The time has come again for the latest whenever-I-feel-like-it irregular posting of News Roundup where we summarise the latest YA book news (minus the paranormal romance!) This time round we have a couple of extracts from some of next year’s big as well as some cover reveals and film adaptation news! First off, you can … Continue reading

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins cover

The Hunger Games

After the rebellions, the Capitol decided to host an annual gladiatorial fest to show the people of the twelve Districts who’s in charge. Every year a girl and a boy are drawn into the Hunger Games, and every year there are exactly twenty-three casualties. The seventy-fourth games are just about to begin and Katniss is … Continue reading

Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick cover


Eric Seven arrives on the Blessed Island as a journalist trying to uncover its secrets in the year 2073. It all feels a little deja vu- the people, the culture, the odd, dragon-orchid flowers. And that it would be- because Eric’s story starts long, long before 2073: ten centuries previously, when Eirek bound himself to … Continue reading

A Sneak Peak of Michael Grant’s latest project: BZRK

Michael Grant is the author of the acclaimed Gone series, and next year he’s launching a new trilogy with BZRK. I was able to read BZRK a month ago, and it was amazing. My review won’t come until publication, but until then, you can watch me talk about it and read a short extract in … Continue reading

Between by Jessica Warman cover


Liz can hear something banging against the hull of her father’s houseboat. It’s been rhythmically pounding for the last forty-five minutes and Liz has had enough. What she sees as she creeps away from the wreckage of her eighteenth birthday party though is quite different from what she is expecting, and will change her life. … Continue reading

Chronosphere: Malfunction by Alex Woolf cover

Chronosphere: Malfunction

Things are changing in the Chronosphere; a general unrest has taken to the population. Slowly, things start to go wrong. First, the food deteriorates, then temperatures soar, followed quickly by the malfunction of the MAIDs, robotic servants. It’s only when the exits are blocked that things really get critical, and a civil war breaks out. … Continue reading

Shelter by Harlan Coben cover


Just when Mickey’s parents decide to return to the US, a tragedy happens. His father is separated from him by an uncrossable barrier- death. His mum falls to drugs, and Mickey is left to live with his uncle whilst his mum completes rehab. Things aren’t going easy. But the new school sounds promising; here he … Continue reading

weekly book news roundup

News Roundup #8

So, it’s been about a month or so since the last YA book news roundup, but there are a few gems today! First off, if you live in the US, you can download an eBook of the first Skulduggery Pleasant novel (titled The Sceptre of the Ancients) for FREE! However, the offer only lasts until … Continue reading

Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan cover

The Son of Neptune

How many demigods does it take to ruin Gaia’s plans of world domination? Well three, for now at least. Percy has been gone for eight months now. He’s lost all recollections of his past and is being chased by two gorgons across America. That is, until he bumps into godess Juno and finds the Roman … Continue reading

This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel cover

This Dark Endeavour

Every hero (or villain!) has a story. A story of how they came to be, and how their potential was realised. The story of Dr. Frankenstein is no different. It all starts in 19th Century Geneva with twins Victor and Konrad and their fair cousin Elizabeth, and when Konrad suddenly becomes ill with a potentially … Continue reading