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The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse by Caroline Lawrence cover

The Case of the Good-looking Corpse

Also known as ‘The Case of the Petrified Man’ in the US. Business is a little thin on the ground for P.K. Pinkerton, Private Eye. That is, until a distraught negro girl bursts into his office, scared for her life; she has witnessed the murder of her mistress, and the killer is after her. Can … Continue reading

Burning Secrets UK Cover

Burning Secrets

Moving from London to the remote island of Wragge, Daniel, Louie, and their mum expect a little break from the hustle bustle and stress of city life. Wragge is a beautiful little island filled with friendly neighbours and rugged landscapes. But in places like Wragge secrets are hard to keep, and Daniel isn’t the only … Continue reading

Money Run UK Cover

Money Run

What would you do if you considered yourself a professional thief and $200 million presented itself to you? In the case of Ashley and Bejamin, taking the chance to pull off a complex and sophisticated robbery attempt against billionaire Hammond Buckland is an appealing prospect. But they aren’t the only ones with a plan. Buckland … Continue reading

Fire World

“Sometimes.” There is a tapestry, on the 108th floor of the Librarium, that tells of a great battle, the Battle of Isenfier, that is taking place on a distant planet: Earth. The battle is between the Ix- pure, negative fain (spirit) and the dragons, magnificent creatures of might and power. But they are not what … Continue reading

I Don't Want To Kill You UK Cover

I Don’t Want To Kill You

John Cleaver isn’t exactly normal. He’s a self-diagnosed sociopath, trying to keep out of touch with his dark side. He’s a killer at heart, but doesn’t want to give in to the monster inside him. Trying to be normal is getting harder and harder- he’s already killed two people. That is, if you can call … Continue reading

Reckless UK Cover


There is a mirror, in a dusty room of a nearly forgotten house. But it is no ordinary mirror. Behind it lie the lands of the Mirrorworld, a place of danger. Jacob Reckless has been trespassing it’s borders ever since he was a boy, reaping its secrets and its treasures. But then the unthinkable happens. … Continue reading

Mister Monday UK Cover

Mister Monday

Arthur Penhaligon has been unknowingly chosen as the Heir to the Kingdom. He must undo Millennia of meddling that has occurred in the Second Realms ever since the Architect left- and it seems not many are on his side. Infact, only three others are; the first part if the Will of the Architect; Suzy, a … Continue reading