End of an Era

In case you hadn’t already noticed, ThirstForFiction hasn’t seen a new post in a long, long time. With everything that’s happening (university, jobs) my pleasure-reading time is decreasing and erratic in its schedule. I’m also ready to start reading more widely: whilst I am and will be reading more YA, I’m less interested in reading all of it as I am reading the best of it. Which means I will rely on the reviews of others to tell me what to read!

When I began ThirstForFiction, in 2010, I had no idea what it would become. At first, it was a tool to document my reading; later it would become a platform by which I would meet new friends and understand the publishing industry in more depth. It also allowed me to read voraciously; receiving proofs and review copies allowed me to read more (and more widely) than I could ever afford as a teenager. And perhaps, most of all, it showed me what I could be and who I could become as a gay teenager.

So it is with some nostalgia that I will be shuttering ThirstForFiction, but I am excited for the future. I am about to embark upon my third year of university, in which I will be on an exchange program to the United States. If you’d like to follow my journey you are welcome to do so on by personal blog, rhyswjones.com, my instagram rhyswjones or on Twitter – @RhysWolfgang. For the time being, ThirstforFiction will stay around as an archive – I am still proud of the reviews I have written – though I will no longer be accepting review copies.

Thank you all.


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