Philip Reeve and Steampunk Event

There are many of you who are perhaps unaware of my addiction to Philip Reeve’s awesome novels, which include the superb Mortal Engines quartet, fantastic Fever Crumb series and the delightful Here Lies Arthur. So when the chance to arose to actually meet and talk (and get my books signed) by Philip, I was uver-thrilled. Few things are more exciting than being able to talk to an author whose work you hold as some of your favourite, ever.

So thus it came about that I trekked to London after school on a windy, dark and rainy

Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve

day, and traversed the mayhem of the rush-hour Tube to finally arrive at Foyles bookshop, where the signing would take place.

I nearly got lost in the bookshop. It’s so big, and has nooks and crannies everywhere. But then I found them- first Sarah McIntyre (it seems that as authors they are inseperable), a lovely surprise, drawing a funny cartoon of Philip signing and then, behind her, Philip, sitting behind a low table and talking to several fans of all ages whilst signing various editions of his novels.

I spoke to Sarah first, as Philip was busy- and as I suspected, she’s wonderful. I’ve spoken to her a couple times on Twitter, and watched a funny little vlog of hers, but I didn’t realise until I actually met her that she was American. Seattle, apparently.

Sarah McIntyre drawing Philip

Sarah McIntyre drawing Philip

As I arrived quite late to the Foyles event, we decided that Philip would sign my books at the Kitschies Steampunk Evening, just over the road in the Blackwells bookshop. So at around six, we traipsed over to find a whole bunch of people dressed as space pirates and what have you. I felt a little outdone in my hoodie.

Anyway- the Steampunk evening was a thrill. I spotted Liz and Mark of My Favourite Books there, as well as several authors including Adam Roberts (who I sort of recognised, though I have never read any of his stuff – adult books) and the writing duo Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart (who weren’t officially coming but came anyway).

It was great to talk to Philip- and get my books signed (and drawn in!). W

Drawing of Philip Reeve

Sarah's drawing of Philip

e had a great little chat with a person of the female sort about dystopia and post apocalyptic- with Philip saying that all post-apocalyptic writing was dystopian, whilst I disagreed and thought that dystopia was more societal – and as such, post-apocalypses, where there isn’t really any form of organised society, aren’t really dystopian. The afore mentioned female (I’m very sorry, but I don’t know your name! I should have asked!) was also an avid Reeve fan, so we had a good chat about Mortal Engines and the rest.

I also met Tom Pollock, who will be an author next year as he gets his first intruiging novel published- The City’s Son. Good luck to him and I look forward to reading that in the coming few months!

The evening came to an end at about eight pm for me- as I had a train to catch at quarter to nine, so I hurried back underground and nearly got lost in Tottenham Court Road station. It was an exciting evening of book talk, steampunk and more book talk with a surprising number of high-brow authors.

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Rhys is a 19 year old with roots in the UK and Germany. Aside from reading and blogging, he also produces theatre, loves Kate Bush and hopes to pursue a career in publishing. His reviews have been widely quoted in books such as Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines Quartet, Catherine Bruton’s Pop!, James Treadwell’s Advent and Anarchy and he has presented at such events as Book Expo America.

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