Notable Quotes #1

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‘Look at the star-gazer taken in by his own legend,’ he said. ‘Look at the child reaching for the skies, when all around him the real things, the solid things, everything that matters, are taken away. And no one will shed a tear, because he didn’t have the sense to stay in the mud, or the wisdom to look at the hands he chose to hold him high and guide his path’

Snutworth, The Midnight Charter by David Whitley.  Picked by Rhys.

I picked this stunning little quote because it not only represents a pivotal moment in the book, but also is beautifully metaphorical. It’s very beautifully written, as is the rest of the book, and I think it deserves a mention. This is one of the reasons I love Whitley’s books so much: they are written is a very beautiful way.

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