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The Brilliant Book Community Census 2015

Posted on by Rhys

Basically what it sounds like, this mega-survey is an attempt to gather some big data about the habits of book bloggers and booktubers. My hope is that it’ll be helpful for everyone involved and most of all that it yields interesting results – the our community is so GIGANTICALLY HUGE that it’s hard to ever Continue reading

Winterkill by Kate A Boorman cover

Winterkill ( #1)

Emmeline’s life in the settlement is pretty restricted under the rule of the Councillors, who enforce hefty punishments for anyone who’s seen making ‘wayward’ actions that might endanger the settlement – including death – for really rather petty behaviours. It soon becomes clear that there’s more than a little corruption at the top as they try to ensure their own Continue reading

Posted on by Rhys
william nicholson

Celebrating William Nicholson’s Writing

Posted on by Rhys

You may not have heard of William Nicholson – he’s the sort of author who likes to stay under the radar and hasn’t succumbed to the timeslurp of Twitter,  even though he’s played an important part in several huge films (Gladiator, Les Miserables to mention a few) and had his own successes in YA/MG genres (albeit closer to the turn Continue reading

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven cover

All the Bright Places

I firmly believe the stories we tell are often cathartic processes that help us to deal with the intimacies of being human – and nothing is more intimate or human than loving and dying. Romeo and Juliet, Looking for Alaska, All the Bright Places. They will never get old because every generation struggles with not-living. I wanted to start this Continue reading

Posted on by Rhys

My Year in Books: 2014

Posted on by Rhys

2014 has been both a great and disappointing year for my reading. In many ways, it’s a year of quality over quantity, which is pleasing; yet I was hoping I could complete more than the 28 I did. I suppose completing my A Levels and working on a big theatre project didn’t help! This year I notably also started a Continue reading