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Salvage Keren David cover


I don’t have much to say about Salvage; in many ways, Keren Davies’ novel is very much self-explanatory as a contemporary bildungsroman that explores the tensions of adoption, both for the parents and the children, and the never-ending nature vs nurture debate. Salvage is told from the alternating perspectives of Aidan and Cass, two siblings who were split up during Continue reading

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YA Book Prize Shortlist

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The YA Book Prize (@yabookprize) is (yes, you guessed it) an award celebrating young adult, British fiction and it celebrates its inauguration this year. Below are the short-listed novels with links, where applicable, to my reviews (or Goodreads). All of the books are (of course!) fabulous – but which do you think you should win the prize?     Personally, Continue reading

Prince of the Icemark by Stuart Hill cover

Prince of the Icemark ( #0.5)

Stuart Hill returns to the Kingdom of the Icemark in Prince of the Icemark, a setting that first bought him many favourable reviews and engaged readers in 2005 with the release of The Cry of the Icemark. It’s chronological successor, though in terms of story it is its predecessor, Prince of the Icemark retains the original trilogy’s ambience of fantasy Continue reading

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The Next YA Trend: Science Fiction?

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A few months ago I bemoaned on Twitter that there was not enough science fiction or space operas in young adult fiction: YA needs more hard sci-fi / space operas. Please. — Rhys (@FictionThirst) August 22, 2014 Of course, fiction publishing is full of speculation about the next genre people won’t be able to get enough of. Even before the Continue reading

The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud cover

The Whispering Skull ( #2)

Stroud’s second ghost-busting adventure shifts its focus from setting the scene to some exciting new (and dangerous…) tasks for Lockwood & Co, psychical investigators. A somewhat predictable ending is slightly bitter but the book remains an enjoyable read as it charts Lockwood, Lucy and George’s adventures to reclaim a stolen relic that possesses immense power. Like its predecessor, The Whispering Continue reading

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12 Doctors 12 Stories cover

The Roots of Evil (from 12 Doctors 12 Stories)

It’s hard to capture the enigma that makes Doctor Who such a successful and engaging watch: there’s something very precise and specific that make the iconic character so familiar. It seems to be challenging enough to write the scripts for the show itself (though I do approve the direction the current series is taken) – let alone having to translate Continue reading

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Non Pratt

20 Questions: Non Pratt

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Introducing 20 Questions, a new format for interviewing authors. Alongside in-depth, one on one interviews, 20 Questions aims to provide a more spontaneous opportunity for writers to talk about their lives and their stories. Non Pratt is the author of Trouble – a YA novel published earlier this year in the UK by Walker Books and in the US by Continue reading

Lobsters book cover by Lucy Ivision and Tom Ellen


If the American coming-of-age story is that of road trips, crazy house parties and bigot-induced tragedies then its British counterpart is surely the awkward fumbling and grumbling that make Lobsters such a hilarious tale of love at first sight. Tackling the rom-com genre by beating it with banality, both Ellen and Ivison manage to craft a hysterical and painfully English Continue reading

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