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Lobsters book cover by Lucy Ivision and Tom Ellen


If the American coming-of-age story is that of road trips, crazy house parties and bigot-induced tragedies then its British counterpart is surely the awkward fumbling and grumbling that make Lobsters such a hilarious tale of love at first sight. Tackling the rom-com genre by beating it with banality, both Ellen and Ivison manage to craft a hysterical and painfully English (and middle class) bildungsroman, complete with Cath Kidston tents and Continue reading

Posted on by Rhys
8 Books to Read if You Liked the Maze Runner

8 Books Like The Maze Runner

Posted on by Rhys

If you’ve just come out of the cinema gasping after having seen The Maze Runner; well, here are some more books for you to consider that are similar to the Maze Runner trilogy; either because they’re bloody, thrilling or just plain epic. In no particular order: Red Rising by Pierce Brown – this recent sci-fi has heavy dystopic overtones and is best summed up as a amalgamation of The Hunger Continue reading

Red Rising by Pierce Brown book cover

Red Rising + GIVEAWAY! ( #1)

See below for the giveaway of Red Rising… We haven’t seen the end of dystopian fiction yet but, as Red Rising attests, the genre might be shifting its ground to new pastures: science fiction. Taking place on Mars in a universe where the solar system has been colonised for centuries, sci-fi elements remain rather subversive as Brown chooses instead to focus on the dsytopic and oppressive society that Darrow and Continue reading

Posted on by Rhys

I’m Going on an Adventure

Posted on by Rhys

In the tradition of all literary greats, I will be going on an adventure this year. My journey is not a quest to destroy the ring, like in Lord of the Rings, or a constant and hedonistic party road trip across America like in On the Road. It’s a little trip to Germany (I’m half german) to earn my keep and to get out of education for a while as Continue reading


Seeing Kate Bush: a few thoughts

Posted on by Rhys

As a follow up to my previous post about seeing Kate Bush (KATE. IN THE FLESH), here is a quick post having just seen THE SPECTACLE. I don’t want to give a review of Before the Dawn – but I do want to spend a few words making a few observations. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS. Kate Bush does what she wants, how she wants. There’s no feeling that she’s putting on Continue reading

Kate Bush

Kate Bush – My Favourites.

Posted on by Rhys

This post is a quick intermission between my regular, bookish posts. It’s no secret that I love Kate Bush, and it’s even less of a secret, if you follow me on twitter, that I’m seeing her LIVE IN CONCERT on Friday. Yes, I was one if those lucky ones (WE HAPPY FEW), and I feel no shame in the glee I feel! With that in mind, here are a few Continue reading

The Case of the Pistol Packing Widows by Caroline Lawrence UK cover

The Case of the Pistol Packing Widows ( #3)

The Case of the Pistol Packing Widows, like its predecessors, remains a stellar addition to the P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries in this fantastic middle grade series about P.K, young, “half Injun” Private Detective. This time, P.K. is employed by “Soiled Dove” Opal Blossom to shadow her fiancé, P.K’s good friend Poker Face Jace, and his interest at the Territory Legislature in Carson City. When it appears he is “stepping out” with Continue reading

Posted on by Rhys
Replica Jack Heath UK cover


Replica is Heath’s first young adult novel, and in a similar vein to his middle grade work,  Replica employs a similarly surreal – if that’s the right word – conclusion. It’s something that works in his writing for younger ages, where suspension of disbelief is more easily pushed by child protagonists – but here, amongst the (almost) realistic world of quantum mechanical processors (QMPs) and corrupt military contractors, Heath’s final Continue reading

Posted on by Rhys