A Covered Surprise

I Don't Want To Kill You UK CoverI had a surprise when I returned from school on wednesday. Something had arrived in the post; something which I wasn’t expecting, but made my day.  It was a finished copy of Dan Well’s final novel in his John Cleaver trilogy, I Don’t Want To Kill You. How awesome is that?! It’s certainly going to climb the ranks for the top Christmas Present this year.

For those of you who don’t know, the John Cleaver trilogy comprises of I Am Not A Serial Killer, Mr Monster, and of course, I Don’t Want To Kill You. They’re amazing books about teen sociopath John Cleaver battling with his inner demon, trying not to become a serial killer. They’re full of amazing characterisation and gruesome stuff, it’s well worth a read…

But that’s not only what makes me so excited about reading I Don’t Want To Kill You. You see, Mr Monster was one of the first books I received from the publishers for review, so of course, I feel particularly excited about I Don’t Want To Kill You.

Anyway, that was way too much waffle. What I actually wanted to say was how I love the cover! It’s a lovely white colour, and has a matte finish. It just looks amazing! The reds, purples and whites just work so well together, and it really contrasts against the darker covers of the first two books. This is probably my favourite cover so far…if you’re reading this, whoever made the cover at Headline, you are awesome.

Anyway, that was all I had to say. I Don’t Want To Kill You is coming out in January. Here is the blurb:

Sixteen-year-old John Wayne Cleaver has always known he’s different, but not because he only has one friend (and doesn’t much like him) and not because he regularly helps out in his mother’s mortuary. He’s different because he recognizes the classic signs of an incipient serial killer in his own personality, and he’s created a rigid set of rules to follow to keep his darker nature, the one he calls Mr Monster in check.
But John discovers it’s the personality traits he so fears that put him in the best position to save the people of his town from a series of horrific and disturbing killers…

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Rhys is a 19 year old with roots in the UK and Germany. Aside from reading and blogging, he also produces theatre, loves Kate Bush and hopes to pursue a career in publishing. His reviews have been widely quoted in books such as Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines Quartet, Catherine Bruton’s Pop!, James Treadwell’s Advent and Anarchy and he has presented at such events as Book Expo America.

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