News Roundup #2

weekly book news roundupNot too much news on my radar this week (partly because I’m pretty busy so didn’t manage to read too much stuff!) and I’ve just done a run over the blogs of the authors I follow!

Chris d’Lacey talks about the cover of his final novel in The Last Dragon Chronicles (titled The Fire Ascending), which will be purple…it’s only in the early stages, but he talked about some of the various ideas that didn’t get chosen!

Apart from that, the only other news is that the sequel to I Am Number Four, Power of Six, has now got some covers (at least in the US). I’m not too keen on either of them at the moment- they all look a little unfinished (which they probably are) so I look forward to seeing them in the flesh.

Power of Six CoverPower of Six YA cover


Week on T4F:
Review: Anna and the French Kiss (this is a debut review by Stevie, who will be helping out!)
Review: Forgotten

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