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It is my pleasure to welcome Curtis Jobling, author of the Wereworld novels, to ThirstforFiction where he writes about one of Lyssia’s were-elite as part of the WEREWORLD “7 REALMS, 7 BEASTS” BLOG TOUR…

Lady Shah, the Werehawk
The Hawklady is one of the last of her kind, the rest of her proud people having been sent into exile many years ago by King Leopold when he defeated Wergar the Wolf. Sworn into the service of Count Kesslar, she is the Goatlord’s eyes and ears throughout the courts of the Seven Realms. While many of Lyssia’s therianthropes have at some point in time enjoyed a court life, Shah remembers little. From her teenage years onwards she has been a plaything of Kesslar’s, his errand-girl, carrying messages across the Seven Realms and beyond to the Goatlord’s ear. The Hawklord city of Windfell is a vague and distant memory to Shah.

Not entirely alone in the service of Kesslar, she has the friendship of his master-at-arms to call upon, the warrior known as Djogo. Each has a troubled past, and each has learned to hide their feelings from their master, avoiding the Goatlord’s wrath. First appearances of Shah would lead one to suspect she’s a cold, aloof and haughty character, avoiding eye contact and showing little emotion. However, she sees everything and misses nothing, always aware of her surroundings and how her friends – and enemies – move within them. She very rarely shifts into her therian self, King Leopold having not only exiling the Hawklords, but denying them the gift of transformation on account of the loyalty they had shown King Wergar long ago. One day she hopes to spread her wings once again, perhaps this time in anger as she seeks vengeance against those who wronged the Werehawks of Windfell.

Author’s note: Shah is an enigma within SHADOW OF THE HAWK, her story gradually unfolding as the book plays out, unravelled before Drew’s eyes. His first impression of her (from RAGE OF LIONS) is that she’s cut from the same cloth as Kesslar – why else would anyone work for the wicked Goatlord? The answer to that question slowly comes to light, revealing her to be a far more complex character than Drew had first imagined. It’s always great fun to write a character who has so many layers – as the author I get a real thrill in knowing where a character’s story is going, and especially what’s happened beforehand in his/her life, things that will directly affect what comes to pass.

Curtis, December 13th 2011

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