ThirstForFiction is the result of Rhys’ insatiable passion for reading young adult fiction. Founded in 2010, when Rhys was a mere fourteen years old, ThirstForFiction aims to provide well-written, informed and discerning reviews of currently published young adult and childrens’ fiction, peppered with the occasional giveaway, guest post and author interview.

Who is ThirstForFiction?

Rhys 2014Rhys is currently studying for his A Levels (that’s the High School Diploma for all you gun-slinging Americans) at a school in South East England, but manages to procrastinate enough to read a stack of books and write the reviews you can read on ThirstForFiction. Somehow, he also manages to find the time to produce theatre for his production company Tractatus Presents. You should also know that Kate Bush is his musical saviour and that he likes watching bizarre artshouse cinema.  He has decided that editorial is the ideal career for him as it allows him to tell people what to write without having to do all the hard work himself. You should follow him on Twitter to hear all about his schoolboy woes and praise/complaints/apathy for whatever he’s currently reading.

Rhys’ reviews have been widely quoted in books such as Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines Quartet (back cover), Catherine Bruton’s Pop! (inside), James Treadwell’s Advent and Anarchy (back cover) and Cat Patricks’s Revived (inside).

Elsewhere Rhys has written about:

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