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Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve cover

Mortal Engines

In a world where cities have wheels and eat each other, prey is running out. Sooner or later, London will have to starve, and become static once more. But the Lord Mayor has over plans. With an ancient weapon garnered from the Sixty Minute war that happend a long way back, Crome hopes to reinstall … Continue reading

Mister Monday UK Cover

Mister Monday

Arthur Penhaligon has been unknowingly chosen as the Heir to the Kingdom. He must undo Millennia of meddling that has occurred in the Second Realms ever since the Architect left- and it seems not many are on his side. Infact, only three others are; the first part if the Will of the Architect; Suzy, a … Continue reading

Lex Trent Versus the Gods by Alex Bell cover

Lex Trent Versus the Gods

Lex Trent is a master cheat, thief and lier. He was born lucky. But this time he isn’t so lucky. Lex Trent has been chosen to take part in the Games; where six humans are the chess pieces of three Gods, battling against each other. And Lex has just gotten himself the worst partner out … Continue reading

Queste by Angie Sage cover


Nicko and Snorri are trapped in a time 500 years before that of their own time. The only hope for them is to be rescued by someone from their time; and even this is highly dangerous, with a risk of being timeless for eternity. But there are some who are going to rescue them. They … Continue reading

Phsyik by Angie Sage cover


When Silas Heap UnSeals a Sealed room, he is unknowingly unleashing a vicious Queen that has been waiting for 500 years. And now that Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son lives at the Wizard tower, her time has finally come. She seeks eternal life, so that she may rule as Queen once … Continue reading

Flyte by Angie Sage cover


One year after the events of Magyk, Jenna now lives with her parents in the Palace, and Septimus with Marcia, learning the ways of the Wizard world. But when Simon -Jenna’s oldest brother- kidnaps her, she is whisked away into the world of Darkenesse, in which Simon now strays. But when Septimus tries to tell … Continue reading

Magyk by Angie Sage cover


Septimus Heap is the seventh son of the seventh son. And yet he died soon after birth, knowing not how powerful he might get for the number seven is extremely magykal. But on the same night that Septimus died, a girl is found by Silas Heap in the forest. They named her Jenna, and she … Continue reading

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson cover

Witch & Wizard

A new political party has taken control of the earth as we know it. Their aim? To normalise the population and exterminate all those who rebel or are otherwise not normal. They will control our dimensions. For Wisty and Whit, this is the end of their time that they have lived for the past 17 … Continue reading

The Fall by Garth Nix cover

The Fall

Tal needs a Primary Sunstone, otherwise he cannot capture a proper Spiritshadow. His Father is missing, presumed dead, with the Family’s only Primary Sunstone, and Tal has tried everywhere to obtain one, each attempt failing more miserably than the previous. When I started reading this, I thought it was a good book. On reviewing it, … Continue reading

Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver cover

Ghost Hunter

Eostra, the last surviving Soul Eater has the forest in her grip. Sickness and freezing temperatures have eternal dominion. Torak must fulfill his destiny, to rid the world of this evil. The Ghost-Mountain awaits him. The Eagle Owl Mage’s creatures await him. And still he goes on, protecing Wolf an Renn from the eminent danger. … Continue reading

Dark Fire by Chris d'Lacey cover

Dark Fire

Two days have passed since David last appeared to Zanna and Alexa in the park. Those two days have filled Zanna with a confusion and hatred. Where was he? How did he survive? Who is he? What she does not know, is that David has been entrusted with a mission; a mission that will decide … Continue reading

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve cover

Fever Crumb

1,000 years before the time of mortal Engines, baby Fever Crumb is left for an engineer of the post-apocalyptic London, Dr. Crumb. 14 years later, she is an admirable engineer herself, helping out Dr. Crumb and the rest of the Engineers. But when she is employed by a digger, she realises that she bargained for … Continue reading

Shade's Children by Garth Nix cover

Shade’s Children

What would it be like to live in the future? In Gold Eye’s case, not very nice. Ever since the Change, Overlords have taken over the world, killing all over 14 years old. They are needed, for at 14, they are transformed into machines of war, for use in the Overlords’ battles. But there are … Continue reading

Imperial Spy by Mark Robson cover

Imperial Spy

Set in the lands of Thrandor and Shandar, Femke, a spy, has been framed for murder on a much needed ambassadorial meeting. When peace is necessary, this is the last thing you need, and Femke is  trying to prove she did not commit the crime. But the murderer is always two steps ahead… The fact … Continue reading

The Man from Pomegranate Street by Caroline Lawrence cover

The Man From Pomegranate Street

The Man From Pomegranate Street is the last installment of the 17 part series, the Roman Mysteries. It follows Flavia, Nubia, Jonathan and Lupus, as they try to clear their names from crimes they did not commit. However, they soon discover that the Emperor Titus is dead, and Flavia believes that Domitius, his brother, is … Continue reading

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer cover

Artemis Fowl

This is the first installment of the series by Eoin Colfer. Young Artemis has absolute power in his hands; with his father’s criminal empire in one, and his witty and concise brain in the other, he marches to war. His enemies? Fairies. You are mistaken if you think they are little pink-flying-cute creatures. No, these … Continue reading