News Roundup #6

weekly book news roundupA news post that is actually on time! (for some reason, I always thought I ought to post these on Fridays…) we’re on the 6th of these, I hope they are useful to at least some of you.

To start with, Christopher Paolini’s final book in the Inheritance Cycle, Inheritance, now has a book trailer to go with it. For those who don’t know, Inheritance will be publishing later this year in November.

Chris d’Lacey has also released a preliminary blurb of his final book in The Last Dragon Chronicles, which he is currently writing. The novel is entitled The Fire Ascending and is due to have a purpe-based cover.

A boy and his dragon are about to rise

“But if Gwilanna’s somewhere else in time…” Zanna argued, “…will Guinevere even catch Gawain’s fire tear, let alone drop it into the ocean?”
“She has to,” David said. “Or Scuffenbury is lost. We’ll have no ice cap and we’ll have no bears. No Liz, no Lucy, no dragons…no me.”

On Earth, at the battle of Scuffenbury Hill, time has been suspended. Dragons and their natural enemies, darklings, are trapped in a bitter, unresolved conflict. But at the dawn of history, something is working to bring about an outcome. A mysterious force is rewriting the timelines, and turning legend into startling reality…


And finally, Philip Reeve’s fantastic Mortal Engines Quartet have finally been released in the eBook format, currently only available on Waterstones, though I’m sure Amazon will soon catch up. If you haven’t read this great series, then this can only be another incentive!

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