News Roundup #13

weekly book news roundupIt’s that time again, as my bookmarked folder for Book news is starting to fill up again, for another YA book news roundup! As usual, this is the stuff that has caught my eye and stuff that interests me – I hope you find it exciting! This time around are several film deals (or trailers) that caught me eye; exciting!

First up is the news that Harper Collins have signed three more books Battle Lines coverfrom Department 19 author Will Hill, which include the two final books in the vampire-busting series as well a standalone untitled YA novel. The third book in the D19 series, Battle Lines, is available from bookshops in March.

Rick Riordan, author of the Greek-myth inspired Percy Jackson novels, will be writing a series based on Norse Myths. Availability has not been confirmed.

As The Hunger Games and other YA franchises are popular on the big screen, Sony have also pushed forward with their adaptation of Michael Grant’s BZRK, with Michael Ross attached to write the screenplay for Sam Raimi’s produciton company.

Popular dystopian novel Divergent is also being brought to the big screen, with Neil Burger directing for a March 2014 release.

Finally, one of my favourite novels (and possibly the best MG/YA World War 1 novel) by Michael Morpurgo – Private Peaceful – has been adapted on the sly with a release this month October).  According to the filmmakers, Morpurgo played a large part in the process and the film will stay true to the novel. Below is the trailer.



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