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Michelle Paver’s The Chronicles of Ancient Darknesswere some of my favourite stories as

a ten, eleven, twelve year old child and I’m still in awe of her now; I listened to the audiobook versions, predominantly, which featured Ian McKellen narrating the novels set in the Stone Age beautifully: his narrations have been one of my favourite narrations of any novel and I highly recommend the audio-books.

Now that the series has finished, Michelle Paver has moved on and two years ago she released a terrifying historical ghost story set in Svalbard called Dark Matter. This August marks the release of her next children’s/YA series, Gods and Warriors, set in the Bronze Age, and I have the privilege of releasing the third clip of the audiobook.

Gods and Warriors UK coverFor a little background information, the blurb/synopsis:

From a time of myths and ancient magic will come the legend of the lost city of Atlantis, tales of gods and warriors – and the rise of a hero.

His sister is missing. His dog has been killed. High in the Greek mountains, Hylas is running for his life.

The mysterious black warriors want Hylas dead. So begins his quest across land and sea with only a girl and a dolphin by his side. But the warriors are relentless. Why are they hunting Hylas – and how will he survive?

Perfect for fans of epic, action-packed adventures from Pirates of the Caribbean to The Lord of the Rings. Don’t miss this brand new series from the internationally acclaimed Michelle Paver, author of Wolf Brother.

The first and second clips can be listened to here and here, and now for the third part:

Sound intriguing? I certainly recommend reading Paver – she’s a fantastic author. Gods and Warriors is out on the 28th August. Don’t forget – there are three more clips being released here, here and here.

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