December 12th- Snow Spider

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December 12th- Snow Spider recommended by Saffie

The Snow Spider US CoverJenny Nimmo’s The Magician Trilogy (aka The Snow Spider Trilogy) is another oldie but goldie (though not quite as old as Winter Holiday!). The first book of this trilogy, The Snow Spider, was published in 1986 and was received, I guess you could say, pretty well. It bagged The Smarties Book Prize in 1986, the Tir na n-Og Award in 1987 (an award for the best English-language children’s book with an authentic Welsh background) and was also adapted for television in three mini series (hello YouTube 😉 …). The books of the trilogy are: The Snow Spider (1986) Emlyn’s Moon aka Orchard of the Crescent Moon (1987) and The Chestnut Soldier (1989).

Soooooo, what is about? I’ll let the blurb for The Snow Spider tell you: On his ninth birthday, Gwyn is given a brooch and told to cast it into the wind. Later he discovers the wind has sent something back: the snow spider. So begins Gwyn’s journey as a magician. Against the shimmering backdrop of a magical domed city, Gwyn has to battle evil and heal a fractured family. A spine-tingling trilogy of stories, full of magic and power.

Sounds good, no? I can confirm it really is ‘a spine-tingling trilogy of stories, full of magic and power.’ It’s one of those special trilogy of books that people of all ages will enjoy.

Excerpts from all three books

Amazon UK · Amazon US Amazon was broken. Search for “snow spider” yourself!

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