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Noman ( #3)

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Synopsis: Noman is the brilliant and compelling epic climax of "The Noble Warriors" trilogy from hugely successful Hollywood screenwriter and author: William Nicholson.In a fortress-monastery on an island live the legendary warriors of the Nomana. The age of the Noble Warriors is over. But questions about the Nomana remain unanswered.Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman's journeys will lead them to question their loyalties and those they thought they loved.Seeker is relentless in his mission to find out who the assassin is. Morning Star is engulfed by a dark force that threatens her life. And the Wildman is betrayed by someone he thought was a true friend.The three are about to discover the secret behind the Nomana. But, not before they realise their enemies are closer than they think...An epic fantasy of far-reaching significance.

Two of the seven savanters still survive. Seeker has been sent to destroy them. The Wildman has taken command of the spiker tribes, but he soon discovers that being the leader of tens of thousands of spikers is not all he hoped for, and Morning Star just wishes to be happy again, like she was when she yearned to be a Noble Warrior. All three of their paths will take them on different journeys, but they will all end in the same way: with the uncovery of the truth, the biggest truth that has ever been discovered.

Noman is the third and final novel in William Nicholson’s second fantasy trilogy, The Noble Warriors. Noman continues to follow the lives of Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman after the destruction of Anacrea, as they follow their own individual quests of discovery.

As is custom with William Nicholson’s final novel of a series, Noman is a beautiful and touching end to the series, providing not so much a physical climax as a spiritual and thought-provoking finale. As all the threads of the story come together, Noman can be directly related to religion and spirituality, something that is prevalent throughout the whole trilogy. While I don’t always agree with what William Nicholson proposes, it’s fantastic to read such a thought provoking novel that challenges preconceived notions and beliefs.

As is usual with Nicholson’s writing, his characters are immaculate, and he really captures the variation of personality in humans. Each and every one of them is motivated differently, and the way they interact is fascinating to watch.

What is best, however, about Noman, is it’s conclusion to the various story lines, which it really does well. The final ten pages are touching, beautiful in the abstraction and a solid end, although again, some people may be disappointed by the lack of a physical climax, and to an extent, even for the lack of a solid structure, something which holds up the book at times.

Noman is a far more abstract, thoughtful novel, and those looking for a more climactic, epic fantasy finale will be disappointed- William Nicholson really pushes the spiritual themes in Noman. But for those looking for answers to the questions raised in both Seeker and Jango, Noman is a fantastic third novel, unusual in the way that it is far more spiritual and questioning than many current fantasy novels.

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