I Want To Read Your Blog

For a while now, I’ve used Bloglovin to keep up my blog reading. It’s helped me get a better overview of what’s happening in the blogosphere, and gives me an easy one-stop place to check all the blogs I want to read. I love it.

Except, it’s sort of annoying to discover new blogs; the recommended blogs are all fashion blogs and not at all interesting to me or related to my own blog.

So I thought I’d throw out a call. I want to read your blog and check it out. So. With that in mind, I’d love it if you’d tweet your blog url to me @RhysWolfgang. You can tweet me just the link, or explain what you blog about in a few tweets, or whatever. The important thing is that I know where you blog and add you to my Bloglovin.

I’m going to subscribe to everyone’s blogs who tweets me; as long as you’re a (predominantly) YA book blogger. I’m particularly interested in those of you overseas; in Australia, the US, wherever. I don’t know nearly enough of you and, quite frankly, my twitter is dead during the UK night!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure if your blog is something I’ll like or not. Tweet me anyway. I’ll follow you – and if, after a few weeks or months, I’m not getting the hots for your blog, I’ll simply stop following you on Bloglovin. No harm done. It was worth a try!

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