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weekly book news roundupSo, rather than post news as it comes (because I’m often too lazy to post something as it comes!) I’ve decided to post a weekly news roundup which, as the title suggests, is a round up of all the book news I’ve read and enjoyed. This is my personal selection, and if you think I should include anything for a certain week, feel free to email me at with the link etc.

First off, I’d like to post some covers that have been released this week:

This is the cover for the second installment in Curtis Jobling’s WereWorld series (link goes to my review). The fiery red of this cover really contrasts with the Rage of Lions coverdeep blues of the cover of Rise of the Wolf, and I really like the vibrancy of it. While the cover isn’t very artistically stylised, it’s still a good cover. It also seems that this sequel will be called Rage of Lions.

The second cover to be released this week is the cover to the Death Bringer Coverlatest Skulduggery Pleasant (titled Death Bringer). The whole series has been undergoing a cover-redesign (though the same artist is working on them) and Death Bringer is part of the new series. I’m not sure whether there will be a version similar to the original covers; I hope so, because I’m not really much of a fan of the new covers. I really liked the colour schemes and close-ups of the characters on the old covers, and the new ones are just a bit too empty for my liking, and the colours are a bit…off. Of course, the same artistry will be there.


As for other news, Philip Reeve, one of my favourite authors, said he has been working on a fantasy project as well as his Fever Crumb/Mortal Engines series of novels. For now, it is entitled Clovenstone, though he says that is probably subject to change (I would hate it to change- I simply love the title). I asked him on Facebook what Clovenstone would be about, and he replied saying that

Clovenstone (or whatever it eventually gets called) is set in a huge ruined fortress of that name. It was the stronghold of some Tolkienesque Dark Lord until his defeat about a hundred years before the book begins. He’s long gone, but goblins and various other magical creatures still inhabit the overgrown ruins, and now and then treasure-seekers arrive from the outside world in search of loot and adventure…

Scholastic will be publishing Clovenstone in the coming year.

And for those who aren’t aware, Divergent, a fantastic dystopian novel by Veronica Roth, was also published on the 3rd.

And finally, this week’s posts on T4F:
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That’s probably all for this week…I hope you enjoyed it!

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