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The Case of the Pistol Packing Widows ( #3)

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Synopsis: When P.K. is suddenly abducted, he fears he's going to be thrown in the river and drowned. In fact it turns out that he's about to get a new case! Soon he's on his way to Carson City to shadow his friend and mentor, Poker Face Jace. But it isn't easy. P.K.'s disguise proves uncomfortable and it seems as though somebody's trying to kill him. Can P.K. survive amidst the gun-slingers, gamblers and desperados?

The Case of the Pistol Packing Widows, like its predecessors, remains a stellar addition to the P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries in this fantastic middle grade series about P.K, young, “half Injun” Private Detective. This time, P.K. is employed by “Soiled Dove” Opal Blossom to shadow her fiancé, P.K’s good friend Poker Face Jace, and his interest at the Territory Legislature in Carson City. When it appears he is “stepping out” with Black Widow Violetta de Baskerville, P.K. doesn’t know whether to warn Jace or remain undercover…

Once again, Caroline Lawrence’s greatest strength is the period setting (no doubt immaculately researched) and her unsensational treatment of P.K. through which she explores ideas of gender, autism and racism with a childlike innocence and acceptance. This instalment’s only roadblock is its pace, which lacks a satisfying drive to the ultimate showdown and subsequently meanders without any sense of direction. However, with such an engaging setting and characterisation, the lack of a dynamic plot is easily overlooked and The Case of the Pistol Packing Widows is easily a fine instalment in the P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries.

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