News Roundup #3

So, this week we have a more, err, historical news!weekly book news roundup

Son of Neptune US CoverFor a start, the US cover and an extract from the second Heroes of Olympus have been unveiled. The sequel to The Lost Hero is called The Son of Neptune. The extract, which may or may not shine some light as to whom the title is referring to, can be read here.

The other, “historical” (though not quite as ancient as the Greek myths!) is that Caroline Lawrence’s latest novel, The Case of the Deadly Desperados, the first in the Western Mysteries, will be published on the 2nd of June. As part of that, Caroline Lawrence will guest post, right here, on the 7th, and a review of the fantastic novel will be published later this week. Click here to see who else is on the blog tour for The Western Mysteries, and you can watch the wonderful (and American- I never knew this!) Caroline Lawrence talk about The Western Mysteries by clicking here. And, lastly, you can also read an extract of The Case of the Deadly Desperados.


That’s all for now; I’ll leave you with the posts from T4F in the last week:
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