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Want editorial feedback on a short story? (Publishing Call)

Publishing Call for LGBT YA Christmas Short My name is Rhys Jones, I’m an established blogger ( in the UK book blogging community since 2010. I am currently studying for a BA in American and English Literature at the University of East Anglia. I will be taking part in a publishing module in the autumn … Continue reading

Giveaway of Andrew Smith’s WINGER and STAND OFF

To celebrate the publication of Andrew Smith’s excellent sequel to Winger, Stand Off, I have three (3) sets of both books to giveaway! All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below. Some Andrew-tastic posts: Review of Winger Review of Stand Off Review of The Alex Crow Review of Grasshopper Jungle 22 … Continue reading

Advent James Treadwell Treasure Hunt Flyer

A Treasure Hunt for James Treadwell’s Advent

To celebrate the paperback publication of Advent by James Treadwell, a book I reviewed last winter and called “profoundly different”, the publishers have set up a fun little competition to giveaway a “fantasy selection” including Advent, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (another book I reviewed this time last year), The Straight Razor … Continue reading

weekly book news roundup

News Roundup #13

It’s that time again, as my bookmarked folder for Book news is starting to fill up again, for another YA book news roundup! As usual, this is the stuff that has caught my eye and stuff that interests me – I hope you find it exciting! This time around are several film deals (or trailers) … Continue reading

Crusher by Niall Leonard cover


If someone bludgeoned your father to death with an acting award, wouldn’t you want to know who was behind the attack? Even if it meant becoming a killer yourself? For Finn Maguire, recently orphaned, that’s an easy question to answer. In contrast to his wife whose erotic trilogy 50 Shades of Grey, for better or … Continue reading

Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer by Derek Landy cover

Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer

Ah yes, the Necromancers. Those petty little magical people who are so in love with Death that they want to knock down the barriers between the living and, well, the dead. And now they’ve got someone to do it: a Death Bringer named Melancholia St Claire. With the Death Bringer on hand, the Necromancers hope … Continue reading

Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil by Derek Landy cover

Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil

Skulduggery Pleasant has come a long way since Derek Landy wrote the first instalment back in 2007. What started off as a relatively good novel, crammed with humour, has turned into a fantastic series of novels that offer humour, emotional engagement and action. Mortal Coil, the 5th novel is probably my favourite so far as … Continue reading

Pusing the Limits by Katie McGarry cover

Pushing the Limits

Academic Echo and stoner Noah are both looking for answers. Echo was broken after her mother’s attempt to kill her, leaving her with horrible scars on her arms, whilst Noah doesn’t want his two younger brothers to share the horrible foster-care experiences he had. The path to hope is a long and treacherous one, but … Continue reading

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler cover

Why We Broke Up

A relationship destined to fail: the basketballer, cool, mainstream, popular; and Min, different. Against all odds, against all predictions- they get together. Their breaking up marks the fulfilling of the prophecy: it’ll never last. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas: not overcomplicated or buried under a mountain of concepts and high-brow theory. Sometimes, … Continue reading

Rebel Heart by Moira Young cover

Rebel Heart

The Angel of Death has become an outlaw: with a price on her head, everyone is on the lookout for the girl with a half-moon mark on her cheekbone… When Blood Red Road came on the market this time last year, readers and reviewers alike had a hard time assigning the novel a genre – … Continue reading

The City's Son by Tom Pollock cover

The City’s Son

Legend has it that the streets of London are alive. Legends tell of statue-people, of glass light-bulb nations that inhabit street lamps and forgotten trains that patrol the tracks as wraiths, but the greatest legend of all is the Goddess of the Streets, Mater Viae. For thousands of years she ruled, righteously, powerfully, and full … Continue reading

Blogtour: Michelle Paver’s Gods and Warriors

Michelle Paver’s The Chronicles of Ancient Darknesswere some of my favourite stories as a ten, eleven, twelve year old child and I’m still in awe of her now; I listened to the audiobook versions, predominantly, which featured Ian McKellen narrating the novels set in the Stone Age beautifully: his narrations have been one of my … Continue reading

Saving June by Hannah Harrington cover

Saving June

June’s suicide was a surprise to everybody – most of all her family, who she left in a chaotic state, grieving for their eldest daughter and older sister. Confused, angry, hurt. Broken. Harper doesn’t know what to do- until she remembers June’s dream of taking off to California. Perhaps her only hope, Haper attempts to … Continue reading

The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman cover

The Last Four Things

Recaptured by the Redeemers, Cale’s taste of freedom is short-lived. His only escape from the hold Bosco has on him is to do his bidding- and become the wrath of God on this destitute Earth. Even the best reviewer isn’t always faultless, and I must admit that as I reviewed The Left Hand of God,  … Continue reading

Dying to Know You by Aidan Chambers cover

Dying to Know You

Like many boys, Karl will do anything to keep his beautiful girlfriend Fiorella. So when she issues an ultimatum to their relationship – answering some fifty questions that she has set him, he panics. Karl is dyslexic. In an attempt to satiate her desire, Karl turns to the next best person he knows who could … Continue reading

There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff cover

There is No Dog

The Bible got it right; but only partially. In the beginning was God. Well, Bob, actually. He’d been hired to create a new planet. So he did: he separated earth and sea and sky, and planted stars up above and plants in the ground. He created animals; fish, birds, mammals, reptiles. All sorts of things. … Continue reading