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Synopsis: Meet Ash and Ben, teen master thieves; between them they can steal anything and they want it all. Ashley Arthur is a teen thief, stealing from the rich to keep her family above the breadline. While she is an expert in fast moving and fast thinking, her best friend Benjamin, an artist at manipulating all things electrical, provides technical support. The duo hatch a daring master plan to rob Hammond Buckland - the richest businessman in the world - of a mysterious item hidden in his company headquarters, reputedly worth $200 million, and it's going to take every trick in their arsenal to find it and smuggle it back out. But once inside the building, Ash comes face-to-face with Michael Peachey, a hitman hired to kill Buckland, and now she's seen Peachey, he won't stop until he's killed her too. In her desperation to escape - and still get the prize - Ash becomes embroiled in events more deadly than even she could ever have envisaged. Die Hard meets Hustle in an explosive collision of con-artistry, assassins and double-crosses in this fast-paced teen thriller.

What would you do if you considered yourself a professional thief and $200 million presented itself to you? In the case of Ashley and Bejamin, taking the chance to pull off a complex and sophisticated robbery attempt against billionaire Hammond Buckland is an appealing prospect. But they aren’t the only ones with a plan. Buckland also has an elaborate strategy that involves more than just escaping the country…

Money Run is the first novel of 24 year old Jack Heath’s series of novels entitled The Ashley Arthur series. Though the cover and title wouldn’t have you know it, Money Run is a relatively short novel that is aimed at the 9-12 market and successfully manages to carry out what it intends to do: to offer a clean yet entertaining crime/spy novel.

For older readers Money Run may present things a little too black-and-white with a moral climax that is a little too foreseeable, but it’s one of those books I would have loved were I 4 or 5 years younger – everything from the relateable characters to the sneaky little romance that would have had me rooting for the main characters in a way that would be far too embarrassing to admit. However, Money Run is no pushover and there are several deceptions, subplots, and plenty of other things to mull over whilst reading the 300-odd page novel.

Jack Heath writes a compelling yet clean story that doesn’t shy away from blood but doesn’t indulge in it either. It’s a fun read for anyone, though slightly unbelievable at times for those who have become cynical in young, middle or old age. Regardless, I will certainly be looking forward to the next novel in the series. Reading Money Run was like revisiting my childhood reading experiences, and I enjoyed the light-hearted fun that this book offers.

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