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One of the key things (for me, at least) to come out of today’s @Bloggiesta Twitter chat was the discussion about font sizes on your blog. A few years ago, it was fairly standard to have 12px sized font; that’s roughtly the size you’d have when you opened a Word document. 12pxs is quite small, … Continue reading

BEA15 – Speeding up Your Book Blog

This post was originally delivered as a presentation at the Bloggers Conference, Book Expo America 2015 as part of the panel “Optimizing your WordPress Blog”. You can download the powerpoint presentation, but I have included a more comprehensive guide below, which includes verbal infomation not written on the slides. Speeding Up Your Book Blog This … Continue reading

Speed up your book blog with a content distribution network

Speeding up your Book Blog with a CDN

The problem with hosting is that often, your site is stuck in one place, and if that place is a long way away from your readers, all the code and the pictures and the writing that make up your book blog have to travel miles and miles, maybe even halfway across the globe, until they … Continue reading

.reviews new generic top level domain: what does it mean for book bloggers

A .reviews Top Level Domain for Your Book Blog: Yay or Nay?

This is part of a new “Blog Tech” series I aim to start in which I will be talking about techy stuff for your (wordpress) blog. Got any topics you want covered? Email me tweet me @FictionThirst or mail me Since 20th June 2011, events have been in motion that will change the internet … Continue reading