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I Want To Read Your Blog

For a while now, I’ve used Bloglovin to keep up my blog reading. It’s helped me get a better overview of what’s happening in the blogosphere, and gives me an easy one-stop place to check all the blogs I want to read. I love it. Except, it’s sort of annoying to discover new blogs; the … Continue reading

Speaking at BEA

Some of you will know that I am spending the next few months travelling le monde; I’ll be visiting such places as New Zealand, the eastern Australian coast and South Africa; but before all that begins I’m spending a week in New York City. Two reasons: I’ve never been to NYC, and I’d have to … Continue reading

Happy Christmas!!

As I’m sure you’re aware, today be the 25th! I haven’t got much to say except to wish you all a very happy (hopefully a booked up!) Christmas! And, if you’re like me, don’t eat too much!

1st Blogoversary!

A year ago today, I started ThirstforFiction. I can’t believe it’s been that long- because is certainly doesn’t feel that way! When I started ThirstforFiction, I didn’t know other YA book bloggers even existed, let alone there be a whole community! Since then, I’ve received numerous books from publishers for reviews (again, something I never … Continue reading

Welcome to the “New” ThirstforFiction!

No, your eye are not decieving you, we have indeed changed the layout and colour scheme of ThirstforFiction. But more than that: we have moved the entire blog to a new platform: the trusted WordPress! Over the last two to three weeks, we have been busy bees porting all our reviews and posts from Joomla … Continue reading