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Dying to Know You by Aidan Chambers cover

Dying to Know You

Like many boys, Karl will do anything to keep his beautiful girlfriend Fiorella. So when she issues an ultimatum to their relationship – answering some fifty questions that she has set him, he panics. Karl is dyslexic. In an attempt to satiate her desire, Karl turns to the next best person he knows who could … Continue reading

There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff cover

There is No Dog

The Bible got it right; but only partially. In the beginning was God. Well, Bob, actually. He’d been hired to create a new planet. So he did: he separated earth and sea and sky, and planted stars up above and plants in the ground. He created animals; fish, birds, mammals, reptiles. All sorts of things. … Continue reading

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein cover

Code Name Verity

When wireless operator and upper-class girl Verity meets civilian pilot Maddie, you wouldn’t think they’d be friends. But during war, anything is possible and the two are as close as sisters. What would they do for each other? They’re about to find out as their mission fails and Verity is captured by the Gestapo in … Continue reading

Pop! by Catherine Bruton cover


Elfie’s favourite thing are plans. Since an early age, her often funny misdemeanors have been the talk of the street. But now her plans are bigger and more ambitious than before: she wants to climb to the top of a TV-talent contest and win for her family. The only problem is, she isn’t a very … Continue reading

1.4 by Mike Lancaster cover


Over one millennium ago, audio tapes were discovered that suggested that humanity was being upgraded on a regular basis. The tapes, known as the Straker Tapes, were heavily disregarded by scientific circles, but there are those who belief them to hold the truth to everything. And they may not be so wrong… I didn’t expect … Continue reading

Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Andy Robb cover

Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind

Alas- how girls beguile geeks. Their attractiveness is a promise of the unattainable- at least, that’s what Archie thinks. Stuck in a rut playing Dungeons and Dragons with his three mates, he wants to explore the subtler pleasures of life: womankind… There are two ways in which to play a bildungsroman these days: either, it … Continue reading

The Fire Ascending by Chris d'Lacey cover

The Fire Ascending

Before the secrets of the tapestry of the battle of Isenfier can be discovered, first, we must tell of the legendary Agawin, a young boy in the prehistory of time, when dragons still roamed this earth in all their magnificence. He shall tell of the quest for the last dragon, Galen, and his guard high … Continue reading

Department 19: The Rising by Will Hill cover

Department 19: The Rising

After the terrible events of Lindisfarne, in which Jamie’s friend and mentor, Frankenstein, topples over a cliff, new, greater, more terrible things are beginning to happen. The remains of the first vampire Dracula have been uncovered by Valeri Rusmanov, and he has been resurrected. It will not take long for him to recover to his … Continue reading

Hollow Pike by James Dawson cover

Hollow Pike

Lis London is haunted by terrifying dreams at night. She dreams of a wood and a blood filled stream- and she dreams of her death. Every night. She gets little sleep. Then she moves to Hollow Pike- a small village in rural Yorkshire, and things change. Things start to happen: Lis’ best friend-come-worst enemy is … Continue reading

Advent by James Treadwell cover


The ocean has kept its secret for a long time, but now it is giving it up to the earth. It will be found- the magic ring of the greatest magus in the world- and it will be at the centre of a power struggle. Gavin never knew he was different until everyone started telling … Continue reading

Shadow of the Hawk by Curtis Jobling cover

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk

Drew has been ensnared by the evil Goatlord Kesslar, who intends to see the rightful king of Westland thrown to the sword in a spectacle of gladiatorial combats far, far away from the Catlords who want him dead. But Drew is not one to give in easily, and Kesslar may have a bigger problem on … Continue reading

Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick cover


Eric Seven arrives on the Blessed Island as a journalist trying to uncover its secrets in the year 2073. It all feels a little deja vu- the people, the culture, the odd, dragon-orchid flowers. And that it would be- because Eric’s story starts long, long before 2073: ten centuries previously, when Eirek bound himself to … Continue reading

Time Out of Time by Alex Woolf cover

Chronosphere: Time Out of Time

Raffi is about to end his childhood. He is about to step out into the adult world; a world of work that quickly leads to children and graceful middle-age. But Raffi doesn’t want that, not quite yet. He wants a little time for himself- a holiday, per se. And that’s what the Chronosphere has to … Continue reading

Naked by Kevin Brooks cover


It’s 1976 and the punk genre comes into the spotlight in the music scene of London. Amidst them is Naked, a band comprised of sixteen year old Lili and boyfriend Curtis, Stan the drummer, and a Belfast boy named William. Their music is good, they’ve got their act together, and Curtis hopes to be signing … Continue reading

Blood Red Road by Moira Young cover

Blood Red Road

They came on the eve of a sand storm: riders in black. They  burst into their lives like the rupturing of a balloon, taking Lugh and murdering Pa. Now Saba and Emmi are on a reconnaissance mission to rescue their beloved brother from the clutches of a distant king. They’ll travel desert and mountain, through … Continue reading

The Gallows Curse by Andrew Hammond cover

CRYPT: The Gallows Curse

Every year tens, maybe hundreds of cases of paranormal activity occur across Britain and the world. Stories of hauntings are hastily covered up by MI5. To admit to the existence of paranormal beings would create a panic even greater than that of terrorism. But there is a specialist agency that can deal with these cases: … Continue reading