Review Policy




Please Note: I do not accept self-published/vanity published novels.

What I like: Any YA/teen fantasy, horror, contemporary, dystopian, sci-fi, action/thriller, crime, and coming-of-age books. I do not accept dark/paranormal romance, chick-lit or picture books (or novels for anyone under the age of 8).

The reviews on ThirstforFiction are a good indication of the type of books I read.

Please contact me about books that are not the first in a series. In some cases my interest will be strong enough for meto consider reading the entire series or it is possible that I have already read the previous novels.

Acceptable formats:
ARC, paperback, hardback, eBooks, some audiobooks and some graphic novels.

Unacceptable formats:  manga, comic books.

What can you expect from a review? My reviews my personal reading of a book. I try to be as informative and discerning as possible in my reviewing, but much like any art form, reading is subjective. I therefore cannot guarantee a positive review.


ThirstforFiction does not a provide a rating system for books as I feel that often ratings are an inadequate way of describing a novel. Books I consider to be outstanding or above and beyond what I consider good is tagged as recommended.

I try and post my reviews of the book as close to the publication date as possible. If you have any  special requests regarding the time of posting, please contact me and I will try to accommodate you.

How long will it take for a review? I try to review all the books I receive as soon as possible. However, my reading order is at my discretion and is influenced by what I wish to read. Forcing a read isn’t helpful for anyone.

With every review, I aim to post:

  • The blurb/summary. Usually taken from Amazon UK.
  • An image of the cover
  • When and by whom it was published (or if it is self-published)
  • The cover price (RRP) for both UK and the US
  • Links to the book on Amazon UK and US as well as the Kindle edition
  • Length (from Amazon UK)
  • A recommended age range based on who I feel would enjoy the book

I also post a link to the review from my Twitter (@RhysWolfgang), Facebook, and normally GoodReads.

Additionally, I can:

  • Advertise the book in the sidebar/footer of ThirstforFiction
  • Display a countdown

Please be in contact for those additional services.

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