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Seeker by William Nicholson cover


Seeker has always wanted to be a Noble Warrior: a monk who fights for Justice in the name of the All and Only. Morning Star and Wildman, too, wish to become Noble Warriors. All for very different reasons. But before they can join, they must prove themselves worthy. When Seeker finds a plot to destroy … Continue reading

The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill cover

The Cry of the Icemark

Times are changing in the world of the Icemark, and slowly the behemoth of the world, the Polypontian Empire, is focussing its gaze on the small but tough Icemark, seeking to expand it’s already gigantic empire. The Icemark needs allies, but what can it do when there have been hostilities with all the neighbouring lands? … Continue reading

A Darkling Plain by Philip Reeve cover

A Darkling Plain

It’s been six months since the events on Brighton and Cloud 9. Wren and Tom are traveling the Bird Roads, making a living by buying and selling goods. All is quiet- a truce has been formed between the Green Storm and the Traction Cities.  It’s a fragile truce, but a truce none the less. Although … Continue reading

Striker: Sudden Death by Nick Hale cover

Sudden Death

Jake Bastin is one of the best footballers of his age; and with a father who was a famous player when he was younger, you wouldn’t be surprised. But when his dad starts to act suspiciously, Jake knows his dad us not all he is made out to be…. Football has never really been my … Continue reading

Infernal Devices by Philip Reeve cover

Infernal Devices

15 prosperous years have passed, and Anchorage-in-Vineland is a delightful, growing town, completely secluded from the outside world, thanks to Pennyroyal. But for the first time, somebody has arrived there. It is Gargle, and he seeks The Tin Book; a pre-sixty minute war book, which contains unfathomable codes to perhaps even deadlier weapons than MEDUSA. … Continue reading

Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw cover


Years ago, Albion was once a flourishing kingdom. Not anymore. Not since the old ways were overthrown by the power hungry High Council. The old secrets have been forgotten, and many dangers have come with this ignorance. Now, one of the rulers has decided to unlock the old secrets and use the knowledge of her … Continue reading

Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve cover

Here Lies Arthur

The stories say that Arthur was a forgiving and regal king. During his years of rule, they say, a golden time reigned. But what if this isn’t so? What if the Arthurian legend is only a lie, told to cover up the real Arthur?… There’s something about the Arthurian legend that thrills and fascinates people … Continue reading

Rich and Mad by William Nicholson cover

Rich and Mad

17 and never been in love? Then you’re not alone. Maddy Fisher is just the same. But that is all about to change; she has set a course for a great love. But some unexpected happenings arise, and she is swept away with a boy she hardly dreamed of falling in love with. But it … Continue reading

Predator's Gold by Philip Reeve cover

Predator’s Gold

Two years have passed since London destroyed itself in the cataclysmic events of Mortal Engines. For Tom and Hester, two years of plenty; they have been carrying passengers and cargo to and from cities, and as well as prospering financially, their relationship has grown and matured. Then, out of the blue, they are chased by … Continue reading

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve cover

Mortal Engines

In a world where cities have wheels and eat each other, prey is running out. Sooner or later, London will have to starve, and become static once more. But the Lord Mayor has over plans. With an ancient weapon garnered from the Sixty Minute war that happend a long way back, Crome hopes to reinstall … Continue reading

Lex Trent Versus the Gods by Alex Bell cover

Lex Trent Versus the Gods

Lex Trent is a master cheat, thief and lier. He was born lucky. But this time he isn’t so lucky. Lex Trent has been chosen to take part in the Games; where six humans are the chess pieces of three Gods, battling against each other. And Lex has just gotten himself the worst partner out … Continue reading

Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver cover

Ghost Hunter

Eostra, the last surviving Soul Eater has the forest in her grip. Sickness and freezing temperatures have eternal dominion. Torak must fulfill his destiny, to rid the world of this evil. The Ghost-Mountain awaits him. The Eagle Owl Mage’s creatures await him. And still he goes on, protecing Wolf an Renn from the eminent danger. … Continue reading

Dark Fire by Chris d'Lacey cover

Dark Fire

Two days have passed since David last appeared to Zanna and Alexa in the park. Those two days have filled Zanna with a confusion and hatred. Where was he? How did he survive? Who is he? What she does not know, is that David has been entrusted with a mission; a mission that will decide … Continue reading

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve cover

Fever Crumb

1,000 years before the time of mortal Engines, baby Fever Crumb is left for an engineer of the post-apocalyptic London, Dr. Crumb. 14 years later, she is an admirable engineer herself, helping out Dr. Crumb and the rest of the Engineers. But when she is employed by a digger, she realises that she bargained for … Continue reading