2013: A Year of YA Fiction

In terms of pure reading, 2013 wasn’t as busy as 2012: I had more important exams and three plays I produced, stage managed and directed. So I’ve been kept busy with things other than reading, sadly. That hasn’t stopped me getting my mittens on some cracking reads though; here are my favourite books of 2013. … Continue reading

Ruta Sepetys

An Interview with Ruta Sepetys – transcript

Don’t forget to read our review of Out of the Easy! The following is a transcript of the interview with Between Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy author Ruta Sepetys. You can watch a cut version of the interview below or the full, half-hour length interview here. If you quote any of the … Continue reading

Phil Earle talks about CHARACTERS

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Phil Earle, author of Heroic, to the blog. There are no rules to writing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either A) A terrible liar or B) Wants you to buy their book entitled ‘How to write a bestseller’. Either way, do not trust this person. They are … Continue reading

Don’t Ask – Michael Grant

As part of the celebration for the publication of Light, the final novel in the Gone series, we’ve got the Michael Grant himself writing about what questions you should never ever ask him in an interview. Take note! I have two least favorite questions. The first is, “Will there be a movie or TV show … Continue reading

In Conversation with Caroline Lawrence: Westerns and Mark Twain!

This is the second part of my interview with Caroline Lawrence, the fabulous author of The Romany Mysteries and her latest series, The P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries. You can check out the first part of the interview, where we discuss the religiosity in her books as well as general Roman Life. Don’t forget to enter the … Continue reading