weekly book news roundup

News Roundup #1

So, rather than post news as it comes (because I’m often too lazy to post something as it comes!) I’ve decided to post a weekly news roundup which, as the title suggests, is a round up of all the book news I’ve read and enjoyed. This is my personal selection, and if you think I … Continue reading

US and UK covers of Wintercraft/Shadowcry

Cover Chat #3

Welcome to Cover Chat- this is a new meme that has a slightly different take on the UK vs US cover comparison features many bloggers have. If you want to find out more about why Cover Chat is different, or how to participate, read the “official” Cover Chat Page. Today, myself and Andrew from The … Continue reading

Saturday (!) Summary vlog 26/4/2011

Yeah, it was meant to be on a Saturday…my bad…xD Anyway, slightly different from the usual. Hope you enjoy. I discuss some books I’ve just read/am reading. Hope you like it! -Long Reach ~ Peter Cocks http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/long-reach-eddie-savage -Clash ~ Colin Mulhern http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/clash -0.4 ~ Mike Lancaster http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/0-4 -Between Shades of Gray ~ Ruta Sepetys http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/between-shades-of-gray … Continue reading

Will Hill

Will Hill’s Department 19 Blog Tour & Giveaway!

I like to think I’ve been quite involved with the publication of Will Hill’s debut novel Department 19 (link to review)- as well as having written a review of this fantastic novel, I also got to meet him in London several weeks ago and now, I’m the final stop of his blog tour. So, we’ll … Continue reading

Saturday Summary 2/4/2011

Sorry about the lateness- something went wrong with the upload! Puffin Panel event report http://www.thirstforfiction.com/uncategorized/event-puffin-live-untold-stories-panel ======== Books mentioned: -Scrivener’s Moon ~ Philip Reeve http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/scriveners-moon-fever-crumb-3 -Blackwatch ~ Jenna Burtenshaw http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/blackwatch-wintercraft-2 -Duty Calls: Dunkirk  ~ James Holland http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/duty-calls-dunkirk-duty-calls-1 Between Shades of Gray ~ Ruta Sepetys http://www.thirstforfiction.com/reviews/between-shades-of-gray Grace ~ Morris Gleitzman http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10470283 The Glass Collector  ~ Anna Perera … Continue reading