Cover Chat

What is Cover Chat?
Cover Chat is a whenever-you-feel-like-it multiple-blog feature (or meme) where book bloggers talk about US vs UK (or other!) book covers.

Why is Cover Chat different from other UK vs US cover features?
Normally, for blogs that feature a UK vs US cover comparision type feature, it involves only one person’s opinion; namely the blogger. Cover Chat aims to involve multiple bloggers and link together their different blogs.

How does it work?
1. Every week (or every other week, or whenever you feel like it!) we get together with another book blogger and post our opinions of the US and UK covers of a book. This post is posted on our blog. In return, they also host a Cover Chat (with a different book), and we give our opinion, and they post it on their blog. Both posts link to each other’s posts and blogs.

2. Anyone can participate- just email the blogger you want to do it with, link them to this page (so they know what it is about), and the covers you want to talk about. Hopefully they’ll accept the request, and off you go!

3. On the Cover Chat post you do, link back to this page (, so that people know what Cover Chat is all about.

4. Anyone is welcome to join- at any time! Also, you do not have to post every week. Post when you feel like it!

The whole point of this meme is to get to know other bloggers and their blogs, but also to have fun!

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