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News Roundup #5

weekly book news roundupSo, another week another news post!

First off, Derek Landy, the author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, has said he’s working on a (rather long at 15,000 words short story for World Book Day 2012, set between The Death Bringer (publishing September) and Book Seven (publishing September 2012) and titled The End of the World. Read Derek Landy’s full post.

Another, very exciting piece of news you’ve probably all heard is the title and publication of John Green’s new novel. John announced on Twitter and subsequently in a live video chat that his latest work will be called The Fault In Our Stars, inspired by something that Shakespeare wrote- “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars/ But in ourselves that we are underlings“. My friend Aaron from Guy Gone Geek did a wonderful post collecting all the details and infomation from John Green’s live vlog which I suggest you read. John Green has also said that EVERY first edition copy will be signed- so pre-order to get a guaranteed signed edition! The Fault In Our Stars is due for publication March-ish 2012.

And finally, I’ve been getting some odd little postcards in the post recently; one with a moustache on it and another with a tooth. Both held a single link to a website…find out more here.

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