10 Books to Read if You Loved THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

If you’ve just watched The Fault in Our Stars and need something else to get your paws on, I’ve compiled a list of ten (unusual) books you might want to try. In no particular order: Winger by Andrew Smith – This coming-of-age novel tells the story of Ryan Dean “Winger” West, the only fourteen year … Continue reading

I Predict a Riot by Catherine Bruton cover

Catherine Bruton: Killings Your Darlings

I’ve got the pleasure of introducing Catherine Bruton to ThirstForFiction as part of her I Predict a Riot blog tour. Catherine is also the author of We Can Be Heroes and Pop!, as well as writing regularly for national newspapers. Take it away Catherine! I’ve never committed murder before. Neither in real life (obviously!) nor … Continue reading

Speed up your book blog with a content distribution network

Speeding up your Book Blog with a CDN

The problem with hosting is that often, your site is stuck in one place, and if that place is a long way away from your readers, all the code and the pictures and the writing that make up your book blog have to travel miles and miles, maybe even halfway across the globe, until they … Continue reading

.reviews new generic top level domain: what does it mean for book bloggers

A .reviews Top Level Domain for Your Book Blog: Yay or Nay?

This is part of a new “Blog Tech” series I aim to start in which I will be talking about techy stuff for your (wordpress) blog. Got any topics you want covered? Email me tweet me @FictionThirst or mail me mail@thirstforfiction.com Since 20th June 2011, events have been in motion that will change the internet … Continue reading

Curtis Jobling on Haunt: Countdown to 5th June

Today we’ve got Curtis Jobling, author of the Wereworld series, with us to chat as part of the Countdown to the 5th June! 1. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you as a teenager? I was prone to all manner of stupid acts as a teenager, many of which probably aren’t safe … Continue reading

Moira Young

Moira Young talks Raging Star & the Dustlands Trilogy

INCLUDES GIVEAWAY! Go to the review of RAGING STAR ThirstForFiction talks with Moira Young, author of the Costa award winning DUSTLANDS TRILOGY, the final book of which, RAGING STAR, comes out on 1st May in the UK. Buy Raging Star: Transcript Rhys: I’m here with Moira Young author of the Dustlands Trilogy the final book … Continue reading

Books you should read this Easter!

So as the Easter holidays have just broken (in these green and pleasant lands, at least!), what books are you going to be reading to help you procrastinate from imminent exams (sorry I mentioned them!)? I’ve compiled a list of some of the best books from 2014 so far – with the hope that there’ll … Continue reading

2013: A Year of YA Fiction

In terms of pure reading, 2013 wasn’t as busy as 2012: I had more important exams and three plays I produced, stage managed and directed. So I’ve been kept busy with things other than reading, sadly. That hasn’t stopped me getting my mittens on some cracking reads though; here are my favourite books of 2013. … Continue reading

Ruta Sepetys

An Interview with Ruta Sepetys – transcript

Don’t forget to read our review of Out of the Easy! The following is a transcript of the interview with Between Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy author Ruta Sepetys. You can watch a cut version of the interview below or the full, half-hour length interview here. If you quote any of the … Continue reading

Phil Earle talks about CHARACTERS

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Phil Earle, author of Heroic, to the blog. There are no rules to writing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either A) A terrible liar or B) Wants you to buy their book entitled ‘How to write a bestseller’. Either way, do not trust this person. They are … Continue reading

Don’t Ask – Michael Grant

As part of the celebration for the publication of Light, the final novel in the Gone series, we’ve got the Michael Grant himself writing about what questions you should never ever ask him in an interview. Take note! I have two least favorite questions. The first is, “Will there be a movie or TV show … Continue reading

In Conversation with Caroline Lawrence: Westerns and Mark Twain!

This is the second part of my interview with Caroline Lawrence, the fabulous author of The Romany Mysteries and her latest series, The P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries. You can check out the first part of the interview, where we discuss the religiosity in her books as well as general Roman Life. Don’t forget to enter the … Continue reading

Best of 2012

Picking your favourite book for the year is never easy so I always like to pick several favourite books, each for a different category. I may be a bit late (is it February 2013 already? How time flies!) but 2012 has been a great year for books and I’ve found some really good ‘uns that … Continue reading

In Conversation with Caroline Lawrence – Part I

Back last summer I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Caroline Lawrence, author of The Roman Mysteries, in person. Not only that; I was also given a tour of some of Caroline’s favourite Roman artefacts in the British Museum, some of which influenced her writing. Read part 2 here – you could win copies of … Continue reading

Advent James Treadwell Treasure Hunt Flyer

A Treasure Hunt for James Treadwell’s Advent

To celebrate the paperback publication of Advent by James Treadwell, a book I reviewed last winter and called “profoundly different”, the publishers have set up a fun little competition to giveaway a “fantasy selection” including Advent, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (another book I reviewed this time last year), The Straight Razor … Continue reading

weekly book news roundup

News Roundup #13

It’s that time again, as my bookmarked folder for Book news is starting to fill up again, for another YA book news roundup! As usual, this is the stuff that has caught my eye and stuff that interests me – I hope you find it exciting! This time around are several film deals (or trailers) … Continue reading